What were you dreaming about

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What were you dreaming about

Every year, hundreds of thousands of young people from Asia and Africa leave their families and hit the road. They are between 13 and 15 years old. They are called “migrants”, “refugees”, “exiles”, or other generic names that do not correspond to any reality.

They wander from country to country, crossing deserts. Work for a meal with unscrupulous bosses. Some try to cross the Mediterranean to reach the European coasts : Italy, Spain, Greece, France…
Thousands are dying there.Some try to cross the Mediterranean to reach the European and French coasts.

Thousands are dying there.
Once in Europe, in France, another ordeal awaits them, the administrative battle to obtain papers that will allow them to stay and live free, …

To see the movie

90mn – HD

To understand our approach:

Our initial project is to make two films—documentaries—each lasting about 90 minutes.

Directed by: Michèle Blumental

Sixty years ago, in 1961, Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin directed a film called Chronique d’un été.
The original title was to be Comment tu vis? They asked young people the question, against the backdrop of the Algerian war and decolonization.

Their film Chronique d’un été is an essential film in the history of cinema. He is the inspiration of a current of cinema called Cinéma vérité et de la Nouvelle Vague, a term coined by the same Edgar Morin. 60 years later, we asked ourselves what Jean Rouch would have done in the face of the influx of young people called migrants? Without a doubt he would have made a film, maybe not this one but we started from the idea that Jean Rouch could have asked this question: what were you dreaming of while taking the road? What do you think about when you leave your home, your family, your neighbourhood, your village at 13 and you are the result of this decolonization that began 60 years ago?

Michèle Blumental had the opportunity to work with Jean Rouch who allowed her to make her first films by taking her to her studio at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris for many months, without ever failing her generosity.
This film is also a tribute to the great man who was Jean Rouch.

It should also be remembered that the 2nd director of Chronique d’un été, Edgar Morin will turn 100 this July.

The project

The idea for the film came from meeting these young survivors of an unlikely journey. Coming to us required months to see years of effort and suffering.

Our team

The film is directed by a professional filmmaker who has chosen to train in filming and editing techniques young people themselves from what are called «migratory flows», or from mutual aid associations.

Michèle Blumental: director and journalist. Computer trainer for graphic arts. Worked for the press and publishing then as a director for several TV channels. And as an independent filmmaker with scenography that used movies or videos for live shows and making documentaries.

Maurice Blumental : a film enthusiast, has been involved in several films, has worked for a long time for humanitarian NGOs and knows most of the young people’s countries of origin for having organized humanitarian missions there.

Greg Batin : enseigne habituellement le français dans le cadre du Réseau Éducation sans frontières.

Aboubakar Fakoly : Guinean arrived 3 years ago, who could one day try the adventure of journalism.

Rakib Ibrahim :Bengali passionate about photography and computers,

… And some others who pass by, lend a hand, learn to manipulate the material, for a day or an hour.

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